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Fade To Silence - One Year Anniversary

One year ago we released Fade To Silence into Early Access on Steam – exactly one week after we revealed it at the 2017 Game Awards. After the reveal trailer was played, our Development Director Onurhan went on stage with Geoff Keighley to talk about our game which, up until then, no one had even heard about. Today, let’s take a look at the road that laid ahead of us.

Early Access Release
In one year, much has happened in the game. We introduced six additional followers to the camp. Some of those you can find by exploring the frozen wasteland. Some will appear at the gate of your refuge once you meet certain requirements. We added four regions to explore, and new monsters to face. Playing the first release of Fade To Silence definitely is a whole different experience from playing it now.

After the initial release, we released our planned “Hope” update in Fade To Silence. It addressed the engagingly discussed “six lives” feature in the game. By introducing our “bonus shards” we started the first feature to mitigate the effects of the permadeath situation after you lost all six lives. It also included a major overhaul of the weather system.
Link: Full Change-Log

Unity united Ash with his daughter Alice and introduced Ryme, who approached your camp once you gather some followers around you. We also opened up a new area, The Wreck, where you could explore the massive freight ship that sits on top of a mountain ridge and is visible from your refuge.
To mitigate some of the issues we had when we updated the Unreal engine, the next content update was postponed, and we released a patch that focused on fixing bugs and improving performance.
Link: Full Change-Log

Fear let you expand your expeditions into The Pits. A long canyon area where you explore, and cleanse, the central POI, a massive refinery. Gani and Ezra could join your camp for the first time. And our designers changed the refuge upkeep system. Since The Fear update, your followers were affected by the amount of resources in your refuge stash.
Link: Full Change-Log

The Guilt update finally introduced the last region in Fade To Silence. The Glare is a maze-like area with ice tunnels and gorges. Your goal there is the ominous Space Shuttle, which is also a hint that your endgame begins. Unfortunately, it is being guarded by the newly introduced Feeder, the “Big Brother” of the Crusher. To help you out with that, we introduced Issa, the sniper.
Link: Full Change-Log

One of the most voiced requests by the community was a way to play Fade To Silence with a friend. The Hunger update introduced just that – a two player co-op mode. It also saw the first nightly raids that tested the defenses of your camp. Hunger also contained the next iteration of the resource management system, as well as another highly wanted for feature: The crafting queue.
Link: Full Change-Log

With the promise update, you finally had access to all buildings, and building options, in your camp. Tua the tank can now join your camp. And with the Circle of Torment, our approach to a skill tree, the final piece to easen the effects of perma-death was in place.
Link: Full Change-Log

As we head into the new year, our focus is on further polishing the game, improving the performance and fixing bugs. With the final update – Light – in sight, we continue to work hard on Fade To Silence to give you the best experience we can deliver. We really can’t wait to give you the full experience of the game.
Thanks for joining us in this journey, for all your feedback, and for your patience.

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