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New Feature: Two player multiplayer co-op.
You asked. We considered. We delivered.

New Features

  • Two players multiplayer co-op
    You asked. We considered. We delivered. The Hunger update includes the first pass of our multiplayer feature in Fade To Silence. This first pass is not the final implementation. We can’t stress that enough. And we know that this feature still needs some work. Our aim is to test the co-op gameplay, session stability, and performance of the network connection, and impact on system performance besides other issues or edge-cases. It also gives us time and insights which we can use to further balance the game.

Our humble request for this: You would help us A LOT if you would turn on our telemetry tool in the Options menu. It won’t send any personal data, we are NOT interested in your installed software or your system specs or even your player ID. Our data collecting tool only records your play session: Where you went, what you gathered, where you killed monsters and which, and where you died. It also tells us if and when your game crashed.

To start Co-op, you need to have at least 1 follower already recruited in your refuge as your friend will join and pick one of your followers to possess during his or her visit to your world. We will incrementally implement features that will make sure the guest player is also properly incentivized to join your adventure, using mechanics like persistent shard pickups, and others like each follower having different stats. Right now, if you as the host player craft a non-consumable item, such as the Scrap Sword, you will automatically craft two, one for you and one for your friend. If, as the host, one of your followers crafts a non-consumable item via a crafting station, your follower will put two of that item in your refuge stash.
Unlike your followers, your co-op partner is able to revive you on the spot you died for a cost on his or her deprivation, allowing you to progress further as a team in your world.
The two players are leashed to one another as well. If one player strays far from the other, they will be teleported next to each other following a warning.

  • Nightly Raids
    You may have asked yourself why you should beef up your defenses in your camp. Although your camp was under attack occasionally, it was nothing to really worry about. You could deflect those attacks alone if need be.
    Well… that changes now. With the Hunger update, we improve the Nightly Raids. Think hordes of Rippers and Spitters approaching your palisade walls in the late game. Of course, the raids start lightweight, but gradually the monsters will increase in numbers, and eventually, they will be tearing down the wood piece by piece, screeching and howling.
    If you haven’t done so in the past, now is the time to invest in Spitter Mortars and Ballistae.
    The monsters will have won by destroying your crystal, but thankfully with the supernatural powers imbued within, the crystal will send out pulsing waves that will damage the monsters as well.
  • Crafting Queue
    Your feedback paved the way to a great feature: We implemented a crafting queue to streamline follower management and crafting in the camp. Now your followers will work on the crafting queue you define, take automatic rests and keep on working without you holding their hands – you can now set up a crafting queue, and explore the wilderness while your followers work. What they craft will end up in your refuge stash for you to pick up whenever you need – or for your other followers to use in other crafting recipes.


  • Access to New Resources and Recipes
    With the Hunger update, we implemented the late-game resources into the game. Now you can craft late game gear, and have your followers scavenge for imbued wood and similar advanced resources. The new gear will use existing visuals, but your armor and cold protection will be upgraded regardless.
    With the new Carver’s Corner and Butcher’s Corner, your followers can process Tainted resources into useable food, firewood and crafting materials, giving you big boosts if you use hunters or woodcutters at these stations in your refuge. Now that these followers can also improve their skills… Wait, more on it below.
  • New Social Events
    There are more events included now that simulate the connections between camp residents and shed light on their personalities. These events will always take place in your refuge and almost always will require a decision to make which will have an impact on your individual follower as well as the group morale. High morale will bring your followers to trust you and they will be more invested in your group and over time will become proficient in their craft, and consequently craft better gear for you and your camp. However low morale may even result in them leaving your camp forever – be wary of the dialogues you have with them, as they will hint about whom they dislike and why, sometimes in passing, sometimes in bigger quarrels you have to arbitrate.
  • Balanced Resource Management
    Our Game Designers have now implemented a new balancing pass to the resource allocation throughout the world. Scarcity now is more prominent problem to solve, and resource management now provides a challenge as intended with the harsh eternal winter conditions. Decisions regarding how to plan your progress best using the followers you have will be more meaningful. Many followers mean diversity in talents – BUT keep in mind that it will also mean more mouths to feed and people to warm.

HUNGER will make you rethink your strategy. Even if you considered yourself an experienced player.

BUG FIXES coming with this update:

  • Equipping armor doesn’t give you damage reduction
  • The guardian from the Peaks Outpost is not displayed during the finisher attack animation
  • The completed “Cleanse the Crystal” objective will not be saved if the character teleports with the crystal prior to the cut-scene
  • The character is able to chop trees while under a finisher attack
  • A character can fall off the map after canceling the resting at a campfire while being oriented to assets
  • The projectiles of the Impaler do not have a proper collision with the character
  • The camera is improperly displayed after ending a sprinting action while the camera is in a re-aligning motion
  • The character might remain stuck inside the ice structure after crashing the sled into it
  • The blizzard effects are permanently received after being defeated by a tornado
  • The character remain stuck if is defeated by deprivation in between the dialogue cut-scenes with Vic during her recruitment event
  • A character is resurrected under the map if is defeated during the resurrection of a follower while the cut-scene of an Outpost overlaps the process
  • The character might fall under the map upon resting at the barrel from the Flats’ Outpost immediately after teleporting
  • The character is stuck running when damaged while sprinting by a corruption bulb with the bow equipped
  • The playable character can get stuck inside buildings under construction
  • The character remains stuck inside the train tracks after crashing the sled into the Crusher monster
  • The character is not able to interact with Gani after her shelter was automatically dismantled after 8 in-game hours
  • The monsters from Vic’s recruitment quest are multiplied after restarting the game during the event
  • Woodcutting hotspots disappear when approached
  • The items from the inventory disappear when dropped if the character is facing environmental assets
  • An invisible collision wall can be placed at the palisade gates
  • The Copper and Iron ore items are not stacking in the inventory and loot containers sections
  • Spitters from raids may be partially positioned beneath the ground’s level
  • The Rippers from Jin’s recruitment event are unresponsive if the character arrives at the location with the sled
  • A crash occurs during combat with the hellvines from Rhys’ recruitment event
  • The game crashes during the combat with the Ripper monsters from Vic’s recruitment event
  • The game might crash after cleansing the crystal from the tutorial when the Alice cutscene is triggered
  • The game crashes after approximately one minute from looting a hunted deer while exploring the environment
  • The game crashes upon attempting to access the map after shooting a deer in the first hunting area
  • A crash occurs on a new game after reaching the Game Over screen while the overview tab is open
  • A crash might occur upon selecting the production of hunting bow within the crafting shack
  • Jin’s model is incorrectly displayed after selecting the “Take Care” option during his recruitment quest
  • The camp overview and Alice cutscenes are incorrectly displayed with an overexposed graphical effect
  • The HP bar of all monsters is missing while locking on them
  • Followers are flagged as “Resting” when the building they construct is unstreamed
  • The hunting bow’s name is incorrectly written in the description from inventory
  • Construction – Medicine Hut – Controller becomes unresponsive in the radial menu
  • Dead follower cleansing process was in an endless loop
  • Cleansing fx residue is left on the player after he respawns in the Crypt


  • The woodcutting areas’ icons from the map are displayed as partially consumed without looting a tree
  • Co-op: Ash’s portrait is displayed blank in the guest’s HUD
  • Co-op: In rare cases, there may be an issue with the defensive gates being spawned twice for both the guest and the host
  • There are no HUD notifications for a follower leveling up in his/her proficiency. Follower overview UI displays this information correctly
  • Co-op: If both characters die due to a tornado, neither player is able to review one another and the resurrection sequence doesn’t finish properly.
  • Followers display the slowed walk animation in the refuge under a blizzard
  • Reverse finishers can misbehave (fall through the world etc.) in rare cases where the player was pressing other buttons
  • Co-op: The corrupted ground from nests and outposts remain displayed for the guest after restarting the game
  • Co-op: Cleansing visual effect may be missing for the guest in outposts
  • The notification “Follower is resting.” is spammed after the character defeats the enemy raid
  • In rare cases, it is possible to get stuck on a sled below a bridge
  • Co-Op: Using “Esc” button in order to cancel the placement of a Campfire or a Makeshift shelter will also open the in-game pause menu
  • The player cannot destroy an upgraded Hut or Palisade
  • Followers may behave strangely if they die by deprivation while resting at a campfire
  • In rare cases, followers may not listen to the crafting queue commands for another tick. Canceling and re-ordering a few times fixes the issue if needed.
  • If the player hard quits the game via ALT-F4 in between dialogs during events, last visible event state will not be saved. Always see the saving icon before quitting.
  • The game crashes in RX 480 OC video card machines, especially using older drivers. After updating the drivers, the crash is 10% likely to happen.
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