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Our Values

We are a diverse team with a history of seeking long-term companions. We hire for the studio, not for the project. This is an important part of our company philosophy. Talent is always welcome, no matter where you are from. We offer a family-friendly work environment, a lot of flexibility, and the possibility to send your kids to an international school nearby.  All of this in a region where kids still play in nature and drive to school by bike.

Black Forest Games is located in one of the warmest, most beautiful and wealthiest areas in the South of Germany, right at the border to France. Offenburg is a mid-sized regional town that is in the center between 3 major cities in Germany and France. To the west is Strasbourg. A major city that hosts the European Parliament. Up to the north is Karlsruhe, a regional capital that hosts the German Supreme Court. To the South is Freiburg, that is said to be one of the greenest cities in Germany.

Offenburg itself is a gate to the Black Forest Region. From here it is easy to reach picturesque lakes and miles and miles of untouched nature. In terms of traffic, Offenburg is within a 30 minutes drive from three national and international Airports. You can reach Paris within 2 hours with the French high speed train TGV. Offenburg Trainstation is a stop for all German ICE high speed trains. Via the A5 autobahn you’ll reach Switzerland and the majestic alps within 2 hours by car.  Up north you’ll reach the regional capital of Karlsruhe, host of the last Ikea ever to be built (Once construction is finished).

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