Our Values


  • Black Forest Games is all about people and games–all of the great people who work here and the great games we all want to make.
  • Everyone at BFG is talented, loves their work, and is eager to leave their mark. We want to build a company where everyone can participate, raise their voice, and contribute.
    There will be times, projects, and tasks where someone struggles to shine. When that happens, we want to help them to get to the point where they can not only do their best but also thrive while doing it.
  • We want this studio to be driven by the creativity and energy of every team member, not only by the ideas and power of few.
  • Not everyone wants to be a lead or a leader. BFG shall be a place where everyone can contribute and grow.
  • Talking about leaders, a good leadership culture is important to us.
  • Being a lead is a job which includes specific tasks which are defined by each individual role, such as organizing, planning, supporting your team, strategic decisions, etc.
  • Being a leader is different.
  • When we talk about leaders, we’re talking about people creating the right environment, providing great opportunities and tools, and supporting others.
    Additionally, a leader communicates a vision or a goal and ensures everyone is on the same page. Everyone can be a leader—on a project, feature, task, or just by taking the lead to make something happen.
  • Our goal is to make the best games possible, state of the art, and well-received.
  • Last but not least, everyone at BFG has a personal life. We support this with as much flexibility as possible, especially when it comes to parenting and care-giving.
  • Also we are supporting social after work activities within the team.
  • We are still working towards what we want to be and achieve. That‘s part of the journey. We accept this and are working hard on moving forward.
  • The values described below are not necessarily the current state of the studio. These values should be understood as standard practices and guidelines for every decision and approach we take. They are the basis for defining our visionstrategystructures, and processes.


  • The key for everyone here is respect. Respect for each other as human beings, as people, and as professionals. That includes respect for each other’s work and opinions.
  • No one is perfect. Weaknesses are part of human nature, and therefore we judge others by their strengths.
  • We show respect through what we say, how we speak, and by what we do.
  • We are listening to what others have to say. Even if we eventually make a different decision, any input is helpful, giving us the big picture.


  • BFG is looking for long-term relationships with employees and partners. The company is hiring for the studio and not for projects.
  • Loyalty on both sides of the employment contract is in our DNA.


  • Sharing information and know-how.
  • Giving and taking open and constructive feedback.
  • Open and honest communication.
  • No office politics.
  • Raising your voice with ideas, concerns, comments, or any other input—everyone can, and should!

Personal Responsibility

  • Everyone takes responsibility for their job, their tasks, and beyond.
  • Also, everyone is given the responsibility and power to make their own decisions and to achieve collaboratively set goals in their own way, in accordance with their capabilities and within the given boundaries.


  • We are a family-friendly company. Everyone understands and affirms that family is a high priority.


  • We have a shared understanding that we are here to achieve a goal: developing great games.
  • We have flexible workhours with 40 hours a week worktime. Giving your best during this time is the foundation. We each give all, and we get things done.
  • We are ultimately aiming for innovation: for our studio and our games to be at the forefront of the industry.
  • We want high quality in our work and in our games.
  • Improving is an ongoing process for us as professionals, as well as for the studio as a whole.
  • Learning and training is the way to get there.
  • Passion is our driving force.