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Promise Change-Log

New follower, new social events, and a hell of a lot more buildings to choose from in the construction menu.

New Content


Tua the Warrior is now available as a follower. If you do not shy away from encounters with the monsters and are victorious over them, he will and ask for admission in your refuge at the Veil.

New Difficulty Levels:

“Exploration”: A low-pressure way to immerse yourself in the world and brave the wilds for Fade to Silence. Very forgiving with infinite lives and resources and much stronger survivors. Achievements and the Circle of Torment are disabled in Exploration mode.

“Survival”: A grueling struggle for survival against dwindling resources, merciless weather and deadly monstrosities. You will die, pick up the pieces and claw your way to victory. Planning is rewarded, carelessness punished. Limited lives, but the Circle of Torment will give you an edge against the ravages of permadeath. Achievements can be obtained in this mode, and this is the way Fade to Silence is meant to be played.

New, buildings, items & recipes

This update adds the final batch of recipes and items into the game including new fire and explosive arrow types that can even damage the Crusher, or the Stalker’s Heart to craft stealth gear. The world will also have Flames of Hope you can craft or find after grueling challenges. The big bads like the Feeder and Stalker will now drop valuable new loot for these recipes.

New buildings as well as the final tier of Armors are also now availible.

Social Events III

This update adds the final batch of the social events and leadership choices among your followers. There will be times when your followers will open their darkest secrets to you and as they trust you more, they will be more useful for your refuge. Easter eggs? There will be tough choices to make to survive in the unforgiving cold – and some will have to brave the harsh winter for the sake of others.

Circle of Torment

Circle of Torment is the completion of our catch-up mechanics: Every time you run out of lives, the Circle will give you and let you keep the Boons from your previous lives. It gets easier every time you die.

Changes & Fixes

  • The player camera has been heavily reworked, to allow proper movement and view during combat, and in tight spaces.
  • UI has been polished and reworked across the board to prevent a bigger range of potential issues.
  • Performance, stability, memory usage has been optimized across the board.
  • Localization and text spacing in the menus have been improved across the board, though there may still be a few words here and there defaulting back to English. We also added new music and sfx to the game.
  • Monsters have received AI, animation, and behavior improvements as well as difficulty fine-tuning across the board.
  • Followers have received fixes and improvements to their navigation and combat AIs.
  • Controls have been improved for better accessibility and modality – check the OPTIONS for the new defaults.

Known Issues:

  • Guest player may show falling animation after joining a co-op session if the host is already engaged in a camp follower event. After the event is done, gameplay resumes normally.
  • Follower morale points are shown when assigning a follower to construct a building.
  • Guest player can access the available workers menu from any of the constructed buildings in the host’s camp.
  • In rare cases in the Glare, the 6-wolves-sled may fall through frozen lake.
  • If the player is caught in a tornado in the sled, the kill cam will go under the ground, and the player will not be visible in the kill cam. However, upon completion of the kill cam, gameplay will resume normally.
  • Guest player is unable to open radial menu or in game whilst riding on the sled with the host. Gameplay resumes normally once the host & guest disembark the sled
  • The sled’s “Replace” (“RB” or “R1” on gamepads) button has no functionality at the Sledding Kennel. Either “A” or “Cross” on gamepads and “E” (default “Use” button”) work as normally.
  • Finisher & counter camera for the Ripper and variants are slightly off-center following player camera reworks. Gameplay resumes normal upon completion of the animation.
  • Constructed buildings within the campsite have no collision after they have been destroyed, and sometimes display different parts of the building as whole.
  • In Co-op, if the Host was using Inner Vision and highlighted the guest’s character, upon joining, the guest will be highlighted throughout the gameplay. This effect will be removed when the guest uses Inner Vision.
  • If the player spams ESC during loading screens, the prompt to dismiss the Circle of Torment will spam by the same amount it was spammed during loading screen. After this amount is zero, players can access the Circle of Torment tree, and use their Boons.
  • In rare cases, followers may not follow direct orders for manual assignment. You can work around this by manually assigning the follower to an expedition and then disbanding the expedition, and try to manually assign a task again.
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