Unity Update is here

First: Since the last update we integrated the latest version 4.18.3 of the Unreal Engine 4. (Details: http://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Support/Builds/ReleaseNotes/4_18/). The decision was made to take advantage of some new and updated features from which Fade To Silence will profit. The engine update also fixed some bugs that caused some serious issues for us. The downside is that it also caused some new issues. While we identified most of the bugs so far and fixed them already, there may be still some left, potentially also issues with elements that worked before. If you encounter bugs, please continue to report them to us.
So Unity has finally arrived. Ash will be united with his daughter Alice. Ryme, a new follower, will arrive at the refuge’s gates if your community is big enough.
There is also a new explorable region called The Wreck, which features the massive container ship that was visible from your starting camp.
Alice, Ash’s daughter, will be in the camp right from the start. She is one of Ash’s main motivations to survive the Apocalypse. He wants to keep her safe and alive. While she won’t have an active role in the game now, she will make her presence known. We strongly recommend starting a new game to see the new, more extended introduction which now includes Alice.
Ryme on the other side will be the fourth follower you can select to contribute to your refuge.
The Wreck – our internal name for it was “Shipland” – opens up for the general public. It represents a once trendy recreational area – before the Apocalypse. It’s not as big as the Prairie, from which you will enter the Wreck. But it spurs some nasty surprises and makes you tread carefully. There is a lot to do there. Including a shortcut back to the camp – if you dare to cleanse the tunnels.
We improved the inventory to be more convenient to use and more consistent in its functions. Equipped items will now move to your character. It will no longer use up space in your inventory. With this comes a reduction of your backpack space to the initially intended amount. While this means reduced space at the start of the game, we tweaked the additional slots that you receive when you equip the pouch, for example.
As always we are working intensively on the games’ performance. We did manage to identify some features and functions that were causing a huge drain on performance, and we’ll continue to work on fixing them as we isolate these issues.
Make sure to watch the latest Episode of BFG Unlocked, where we dive a bit into the creation of “The Wreck” aka Shipland

Change-Log Build [1.0.747]

New Features:

  • Introducing Alice, Ash’s daughter.
  • Updated introduction cutscenes (requires you to start a new game).
  • New follower: Ryme.
  • New Recruitment Scene.
  • New region: The Wreck, including new POI, events and outpost.
  • Gear equipped to your character no longer takes up space in player inventory.


  • Multiple performance improvements.
  • Multiple UI and HUD improvements.
  • Interface – Crash – Main Menu (Interface part right) is crashing the game.
  • Interface – Construction – Only 1 follower is displayed in the construction info also if you have assigned two followers to the building.
  • Interface -Resolution 1280×1024 (5:4) – different interfaces not working because a part is cut or elements are misplaced.
  • Interface – Resolution 1024×768 (4:3) – different interfaces not working because a part is cut or elements are misplaced.
  • Interface – Keyboard & Mouse input – Construction Menu – The input of clicking on building names is not picked up by the game.
  • Interface – Inventory – Crafting – Campfire – Campfire being used up unnecessary.
  • Interface – The <Select> button is not functional in the <Available Workers> screen.
  • Interface – The <Remove/Assign> and <Clear Expedition> buttons are not functional in the <Expedition> screen.
  • Interface – The <A> controller button pictogram is displayed after selecting the construction edit mode.
  • Interface – The user is able to spam the <Sled has not been unlocked yet.> notification.
  • Interface – The <Inventory> and <Loot> tabs are inverted in the looting screen.
  • Interface – Hunger notification and green icon highlight are not dismissed after consuming food .
  • Interface – The frame from the follower status notifications is missing the feather effect.
  • Interface – Cut-off text displayed within the Keyboard Assignments submenu.
  • Interface – The <LS>, <B> and <A> controller pictograms are displayed in the <Available workers> tab when using a keyboard and mouse as input.
  • Interface – The radial menu appears on a black screen before the menu in reached.
  • Interface – The <Drop item> button related to the <Inventory tab> is also displayed in the <Unlocks> tab.
  • Interface – The <LS> controller pictogram is displayed in the <Event Log> tab when using a keyboard and mouse as input.
  • Interface – The <LT> and <RT> controller pictograms are present in the <Unlocks> and <Overview> tabs when using a keyboard and mouse as input.
  • Interface – Incorrect icon representing War Arrows in the overview interface.
  • Interface – The recruit marker is still present on the map after rescuing a recruit.
  • Interface – Gamepad button <A> is incorrectly displayed when using a keyboard.
  • Interface – The items from the Inventory are incorrectly displayed after spamming the equip/unequip button.
  • Interface – A corrupted outpost is displayed on the map as being cleansed.
  • Interface – The ‘Assign worker’ button has an incorrect layout displayed when using a mouse and keyboard.
  • Interface – Resurrect screen – not possible to click on the resurrect button with the mouse.
  • Interface – Keyboard control map does not include the <I> key for Inventory.
  • Interface – Map – Wrong icon used for recruitment missions.
  • Cleaned up and re-fitted Follower task icons w/ proper ones.
  • Updated radial menus, implemented auto-snapping as comfort feature.


  • Loca and text improvements.
  • Changed intro scene to include Alice.
  • Outpost stash which contains extra loot now called strongbox. Added additional stashes now allow access to the refuge stash (global stash).
  • Cosmetic changes the first shelter at The Veil.
  • Dialog system for the camp followers + Alice.
  • Ingame Kinematic system for human characters – Human characters now behave correctly on slopes and uneven ground.
  • Spitters’ projectiles now home in on the player.
  • Nerfed spitter rate of fire to roughly 1/3 of the previous setting. (Fighting a single spitter with a torch now is easy, but not trivial (you have to evade at least 1 shot), and fighting 3 at the same time is tough, but feasible. You should now always have enough stamina to attack and defend unless you overexert yourself (e.g. with a heavy attack that doesn’t kill the spitter)).
  • Buffed ballista and mortar damage.
  • Updated PC inventory: Starting pouch has now fewer slots. Equipped items are now correctly moved to the character and don’t use up inventory space anymore.
  • Fixed damage zone duration and damage for corruption bulb.
  • Set up and fixed deep snow stamina drain.
  • Placed Fire Barrel or camp fire in every camp building / player placed buildings in the refuge.
  • Refugee Stash accessible in every camp building / player placed buildings in the refuge.

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple Crash fixes
  • Fixed Crash – The game crashes while exploring the area near a totem and Crusher.
  • Fixed Crash – The game will crash upon reaching for the first time a corrupted ground area with the sled.
  • Fixed Crash – The game will crash after selecting the exit game option during a recruitment quest.
  • Fixed Crash – The game crashes after selecting the exit game option under certain conditions.
  • Fixed Crash – The game crashes while reaching the gates of the Northern Outpost.
  • Fixed Crash – If you have physical contact with the camp crystal and you cleansing it, the game is crashing after.
  • Fixed Crash – The game crashes upon attempting to access the ?Assign Worker? menu from several buildings.
  • Fixed Crash – The localization build crashes when launching a saved game
  • Fixed Crash – Game crashed after played ~20 – 30 minutes (+ crash on continue game several Fixed times).
  • Fixed Crash – Game crashed after played the game for ~30 minutes.
  • Fixed Crash – Game was crashing after built a few constructions + tried to make some leather with follower “Jin”.
  • Fixed Crash – Refuge Campfire – Deprivation (Hunger) – Dying of deprivation (Hunger) breaks respawn + crash after restart.
  • Fixed Crash – During the cutscene with the wolf (after cleansed a totem – outpost1).
  • Fixed Crash – The game crashes after defeating Rhys.
  • Fixed Crash – A crash occurs after stopping priority task to Vic.
  • Fixed Crash – Main Menu (Interface part right) is crashing the game.
  • Fixed Crash – The game crashed during he was in combat with 1 follower involved.
  • Fixed Crash – Single event crash occurred while in construction mode.
  • Fixed Crash – Game Crashes occur randomly while the character is running.
  • Fixed Crash – The game crashes after cleansing the first totem.
  • Fixed – Unable to continue the gameplay after the character is killed.
  • Fixed – Tapping the basic/light melee button once results in two chained melee attacks.
  • Fixed – The player can no longer interact with resting spots, making resting impossible.
  • Fixed – The user is unable to start the gameplay from the main menu.
  • Fixed – The user is unable to complete the tutorial quests.
  • Fixed – follower is ignoring the “cold” value and can get sick easily.
  • Fixed – The Jin recruitment quest objective cannot be completed.
  • Fixed – Resources are completely missing from the game.
  • Fixed – Wolf rescue cutscene lowers the FPS until restarting the game.
  • Fixed – Dead follower cannot be revived because his corpse is not visible.
  • Fixed – Cleansing has no effect on Rhys during camp raids.
  • Fixed – Save Game – Farmland – Save game loaded but character was falling through the ground.
  • Fixed – Spitter – Not always triggering death, breaking events and objectives.
  • Fixed – Followers – Already Recruited – game reset one follower from camp.
  • Fixed – Crafting – Crafting buildings – NPC’s are unable to craft anything in the crafting buildings.
  • Fixed – Explosion bulbs spawned by spitters spawn underground.
  • Fixed – The game might freeze in the loading screen on specific configurations.
  • Fixed – Unable to continue the gameplay when passing with the sled through an under construction Palisade.
  • Fixed – Unable to use the teleport function due to missing button prompt.
  • Fixed – Event locations terminate when the player flees.
  • Fixed – Death screen doesn’t pause the game, generating potential showstopper situations.
  • Fixed – Expedition – Save / Load – Follower position after loading save game is wrong.
  • Fixed – Event – Outpost 1st cleansing – Possible to break Rhys recruit event.
  • Fixed – Event (Rhys) – After i died during the fight with Rhys and cleansed the totem again, Rhys was doing nothing (event breaker).
  • Fixed – Abnormal behaviour of the dead follower’s character model.
  • Fixed – The equipped arrows are lost after loading the last saved game.
  • Fixed – The followers can fall through the ground level when teleported via camp Crystal.
  • Fixed – Freeze – black screen on startup.
  • Fixed – The Rusher is not responding when it is attacked with arrows by the PC from a distance.
  • Fixed – The user is able to avoid the Hellvines attacks by jumping on top of a corrupted totem.
  • Fixed – The attacks of the Impaler monsters are not dealing damage to the playable character.
  • Fixed – event not triggered when reaching an Outpost.
  • Fixed – deer hunting – deer resource (loot) are increasing if you leave / enter the zone again.
  • Fixed – Sled replacement option on invalid place makes it disappear.
  • Fixed – Respawn Location not reset after death.
  • Fixed – Construction – Unable to finish the building despite having enough resources.
  • Fixed – A major FPS drop is experienced throughout the ‘Overview’ section.
  • Fixed – The attacks from Spitters are not dealing damage to the playable character.
  • Fixed – Vibration Function – Keyboard & Mouse – Vibration for gamepad still active when you are using Keyboard & mouse input.
  • Fixed – Floating Tentacles at road to outpost in the flats.
  • Fixed – Camp – nightly raid – enemies seem to get stuck and don’t attack the camp .
  • Fixed – Birds – not spawning on top of objects, and only on landscapes.
  • Fixed – Streaming – outpost Streaming not working as intended – not saving progress.
  • Fixed – Graphics – the bowl’s shadow is flickering in the crypt.
  • Fixed – Keyboard Controls – the key assigned to “Camp Overview” is bringing up an incorrect screen.
  • Fixed – Inventory – crafting food from Grubroot will consume one campfire as intended.
  • Fixed – Missing snow trail in areas with high snow level.
  • Fixed – UI Expedition – The <B> and <LS> controller button icons are displayed in the <Expedition> screen.
  • Fixed – A spitter remains stuck in ice at a specific POI.
  • Fixed – The user is able to close the <Overview> menu by pressing the Tab key.
  • Fixed – The character is able to jump the corruption fence during the <Wake Up> tutorial quest.
  • Fixed – UI Unlocks – The unlock section title has different visibility.
  • Fixed – The <Makeshift Shelter> can be placed under the level geometry in certain locations.
  • Fixed – Corruption Roots – Player is able to stand on top of corruption roots.
  • Fixed – Inventory – The <Woven Pouch> cannot be unequipped.
  • Fixed – Unable to damage the Hellvines with the bow and arrows.
  • Fixed – Incorrect placement for the Barrel / Shelter at South-East Outpost.
  • Fixed – Storage Stack of arrows cannot be stashed if there is another stack equipped .
  • Fixed – The Eclipse’s actual location is incorrectly marked in the world map.
  • Fixed – After re-spawning the equipment disappears from the character.
  • Fixed – The user is unable to change from the Unlocks section to Crafting or Inventory.
  • Fixed – Crafting – Rhys can craft Fur even if he does not have the required skill.
  • Fixed – Crafting – Vic can craft Eldritch Essence even if she does not have the required skill.
  • Fixed – Crafting – Rhys can craft Leather Cord even if he does not have the required skill.
  • Fixed – Crafting – Rhys can craft Processed Tainted Wood even if he does not have the required skill.
  • Fixed – Crafting – Jin can craft Cooper Ingot even if he does not have the required skill.
  • Fixed – The character can get stuck in a wooden enclosure near Jin’s recruitment location.
  • Fixed – Invisible wall collision within the main outpost’s tower.
  • Fixed – Construction – Missing collision with the stairs railing of the Crafting Shack.
  • Fixed – The character is blocked inside the ruined building if placing a campfire at the entrance.
  • Fixed – Corrupted tentacle has no collision with the tower’s texture.
  • Fixed – Invisible collision is present on the wooden platform at the second crystal.
  • Fixed – Invisible collision in the northern outpost tower.
  • Fixed – Construction – Refugee Stash available in every building.
  • Fixed – Crosshair is shown on HUD while melee weapon drawn.
  • Fixed – Construction – Add Fire Barrel in every building and add camp stash in every building.
  • Fixed – The playable character is able to exit the campsite area during the tutorial <Wake Up> quest.
  • Fixed – The character can access an enclosed area within the “Construction Site”.
  • Fixed – Missing collision with the makeshift shelter.
  • Fixed – An invisible wall is blocking the access to lootable resources located in Farmland’s train yard.
  • Fixed – Crafting – Rhys can craft Craft Wood even if he does not have the required skill.
  • Fixed – No message is displayed when there is insufficient resources to craft an item.
  • Fixed – Construction – Missing collision with the workbench displayed within the Medicine hut.
  • Fixed – Outpost area – small area not accessible at Peaks Outpost blocking accces to loot.
  • Fixed – HUD – compass icons remain in the same position when riding the sled.
  • Fixed – The character is able to access a restricted area by climbing the rocks avalanche.
  • Fixed – Invisible wall near Observatory blocks the path to the resource bags.
  • Fixed – Campfire’s warmth radius is not active in all degrees.
  • Fixed – Bag of resources near Jin’s recruitment event location is positioned inside a rock.
  • Fixed – Construction – Missing collision with the wooden beds displayed within the huts.
  • Fixed – Map – The icon from the Observatory’s cleansed outpost is not displayed in the map.
  • Fixed – Incorrect ground collision prevents the Follower from advancing.
  • Fixed – Keyboard Controls – The default keys assigned to “Block” are not consistently displayed.
  • Fixed – Graphical Issue – Eclipse – The eclipse is no longer glowing .
  • Fixed – The world map is fully revealed before all zones are discovered.
  • Fixed – Monsters encased in ice break ice too late.
  • Fixed – Follower Vic is incorrectly placed on the ground plane.
  • Fixed – Unable to skip cutscenes when using a controller as input method.
  • Fixed – Keyboard Controls – Pressing <Tab> in the radial menu allows alternating between the available entries.
  • Fixed – Controls are inverted during map navigation.
  • Fixed – Monsters – Monsters spawned by the outpost (guardians) or mission don’t drop loot.
  • Fixed – Birds shouldn’t be active in blizzards.
  • Fixed – Building not enterable at the Observatory.
  • Fixed – The character is unable to use the oil bin as a campfire near the bus in the Flats.

Known Issuses

  • Totem status (active/cleansed) might have wrong status on map.
  • Corruption zone around Totem might still be active (including blocking the sled) even after cleansing.
  • Fog of war on the map currently has visual artefacts depending on camera position.
  • Event log temporarily deactivated.
  • The ‘lock-on’ HUD sometimes does not go away when a monster is killed.
  • Workaround: unequip weapon (e.g. hold <A>) to release the lock.
  • In certain cases teleportation prompts in outposts don’t work.
  • Localization: Non-English languages are still missing translations for dialogues.
  • Localization: Gender sensitive languages are still missing the proper forms. For now, it is recommended to play in English.
  • Region names, player feedback about follower activities, some mission names, some reworked Interactables, and new or reworked menu items have not been localized, will show up in English.
  • In rare cases and certain hardware types game crashes while exploring the third outposts map area.
  • Corrupted area may still be present in a specific location in the Flats.
  • In rare cases the Crusher can remain stuck in a specific location.
  • The game becomes unresponsive if “ALT+TAB” combination is pressed during the loading screen.
  • Fire barrels and Campfires in buildings don’t have the correct camera when you interact with them.
  • The Spitter becomes unresponsive after getting hit by an arrow from a long range.

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