Moving On - BFG Unlocked - Episode 17

Episode 17: Moving on

BFG Unlocked takes you behind the scenes of the German game development studio “Black Forest Games”.

Episode 17: Moving on

The documentary

Over the span of two years, Black Forest Games worked, in secret, on a new breed of survival game.

Announced at one of the most prominent gaming events in 2017, followed by an immediate release on Steam Early Access, the final development phase was decided to be carried out as close to the public as possible. The only valid release date available? Right in the middle of blockbuster season, before Christmas, in between two significant steam sales.

It was a challenge, even if everything would have worked out according to plan. Which, of course, it didn’t.

Based on the true story of Fade To Silence’ development, BFG Unlocked provides a new, unique look behind the scenes of the creation of a blockbuster video game.