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Experimental Branch and Performance Improvement

anfang patch
Hello Survivors.
Thanks for your support and your trust in us by buying Fade To Silence. Your ongoing feedback is extremely valuable to us, and we listened to your issues with the games’ performance.
Providing us with dxdiag files, bug descriptions, and overall info, enabled our team to identify the cause of the performance issues. Since then we have been working hard to provide a fix. We think we have a solution for this issue.
To provide it to you as quickly as possible on the one hand, but avoiding unnecessary instability on the main branch, on the other hand, we decided to release the fix to a dedicated experimental branch. (Read below how to access this branch). This way we have a chance to test it further, while you can play the game – we hope – without performance issues.
If you have faced performance problems in the game, please switch to the “Experimental” branch. Let us know if you still experience the same problems, or if these issues have been resolved for you in the discussion boards on Steam. Your feedback, as well as the results our internal and external QA-Teams ultimately will result in a more stable game in the main branch. At the moment information on what resources are needed to craft higher tier items is not shown. This is a missing feature. Until we can introduce this into the game, we will provide a complete list of higher tier recipes in the Steam forums, and in the “guides” section as a workaround.
Version 1.0.626_hotfix2
  • We have optimized memory management regarding handling objects that are no longer needed. This should significantly improve the overall performance.
  • This optimization also directly addresses a specific type of crash.
  • The bug that prevents follower crafting is fixed.
  • The bug that the content of the sled stash is not saved is fixed.
How to change to the experimental version branch on Steam:
  1. Open your Steam Library
  2. Right-Click on „Fade To Silence“ on your list
  3. Select “Properties” in the drop-down menu
  4. Click on the “Betas” Tab In the drop-down list, select the experimental branch
  5. The game will start to update.
Please keep in mind that this is an Early Access game. As much as we try to keep the game stable throughout for all our players, at this stage, not everything will work as intended. Throughout Early Access, we will regularly update the game with optimization improvements, bug fixes, additional features and new content.
Your team at Black Forest Games.

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