About Black Forest Games

Black Forest Games isn’t your typical start-up company. Formed in 2012, Black Forest Games is a team of 40 highly experienced international talents that can look at a long track record of games within a wide range of genres.

Why is that?

Based on the legacy of Spellbound Entertainment, which has been one of Germany’s longest existing independent developers, Black Forest Games employs most of the Spellbound team.

Black Forest Games’ strategy is to balance work-for-hire and self-published titles. Our goal is to strengthen own IPs and to establish long-term partnerships with publishers.

All of our products are focused on high visual quality and technical excellence. Team-wise we will keep hiring international talents. The vision is to be one of the most-wanted independent studios.

Office Impressions

Black Forest Games in a Nutshell

  • Cross-platform developer (PC, consoles, tablets, browser…)
  • Core games, online games, digital download titles, serious games
  • Highly experienced team
  • Outstanding international talents [egg id=”5″]
  • International focus of our products
  • High visual quality
  • Top-notch console technology (streaming, rendering, VFX)
  • In-time & in-budget production
  • Work for hire as well as own IPs